The Grey Highpoint

[Summit team: Targo, Katrin, Toomas, Oliver]
We visited Cheaha mountain on November 7th, 2003, as part of our East Coast highpointing trip. The weather was rather wet and foggy as you can see on the pictures. However, you can drive right up to it, there's no walking involved at all.
Here are some instructions for getting there if you are also coming from Atlanta:
1) Take I-20 West
2) Take exit 191 onto US 431 South.
3) After 3.6 miles turn left onto SR 281
4) Drive about 13 miles until you get into Cheaha State Park.
5) In the park, you have to turn right to Bunker loop. Note that it is easy to miss, if you notice that you've started going downhill again, you've passed it.
6) After the visitor center Bunker loop becomes one way, follow it for about half a mile and take a left to the very first road that you notice.
7) You should immediately see a big stone building (see picture below), this is the place!

A note on getting away from Cheaha State Park. Our original idea was to follow SR 281 Southwest to get to SR 21 and follow it South to Montgomery, then continue to Florida's highpoint. However, somewhere in Talladega National Forest, the road suddenly just ended, contrary to the map that we had. There was some road work going on, as if the road was just unfinished, so maybe you will have better luck a few years later. However, we had to turn back and try our luck with some backcountry roads that kept looping around in the forest, so that we got really worried about running out of gas. Ultimately we found our way to SR 21 but if you also want to get to Florida's highpoint next, it might be easier and safer to get back to US 431 (see instructions above), and follow it South until I-85.

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