The Ugly Highpoint

[Summit team: Targo, Katrin, Toomas, Oliver]
We visited the Black Mountain on March 10th, 2004. The weather was fine, but there was still little snow on the road on the north side of the mountain. With abandoned lookout tower and broken glass bottles and another trash lying around, it is the ugliest highpoint we have visited so far.

Here are the instructions from I-81 South:
1. Take Virginia exit 17 onto US-58 Alt towards Abington
2. Stay on US-58 Alt for about 60 miles until you reach Big Stone Gap.
3. At Big Stone Gap keep onto US-23 Bus.
4. After 4.3 miles turn left onto SR-160 and then left to keep yourself on SR-160 (Trail of the Lonesome Pine).
5. Go 7.9 miles and soon after crossing Kentucky border turn left onto Black Mountain Ridge Road.  SR-160 has  big curve to the right there and from that curve two little roads turn to the left: first one takes you up to the mountain, the second one has a stop gate.  
6. Go up for 1.6 miles.

FAA radar station near the summit

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