[Summit team: Arne, Targo, Katrin, Oliver]
Another hour's drive from Belgium's highpoint and we are in Luxembourg. This highpoint is also located very close to Belgium's border but there aren't really any signs pointing toward it.

Here are some instructions

1. From Signal de Botrange (Belgium's highpoint) keep soth and west to get to N68.
2. Keep south onto N68 towards Malmedy.
3. Keep southwest towards A27/E42. Step 2 & 3 take about 17 km.
4. Take A27/E42 towards St-Vith.
5. Go 20.5 miles and take exit 15 towards N62/luxembourg /St-Vith.
6 Bear right(south) onto N62.

Luxembourg's highpoint has a tower as well but it was also closed.



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