The Parasailer Highpoint

[Summit team: Targo, Katrin, Toomas, Oliver]
We visited Mt. Greylock on September 5th, 2004. Weather was foggy but we could still see the towns below, plus a bunch of parasailers.

Here are the instructions from Mount Frissel:
1. Head north on  Mt. Washington Road/ East Street, go 11.4 miles
2. Turn left onto SR-41 and then right onto SR-23
3. Go 3.9 miles and turn left onto US-7
4. Stay on US-7 for 27.3 miles.
5. In Lanesborough, keep right onto N Main Street
6. Go 0.7 miles and turn right onto Quarry Rd and then keep left onto Rockwell Rd.
7. Go 7.7 miles. On the way you should pass Park headquarters on your right and go through a gate.
8. Turn right towards Mt Greylock Summit and go about a mile to the parking lot.

The tower on the summit. Its windows had lost most of their transparency though, so the views were actually worse :-)


Us on the top

View from the top and some more parasailers

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