The Windy Highpoint

[Summit team: Targo, Katrin, Toomas, Oliver]
We visited Mt. Washington on September 8th, 2004. We could really feel the aftereffects of hurricane Frances by the time we got to New Hampshire, weather was getting quite unpleasant. There are many ways to get up to Mt. Washington: One can hike (Appalachian Trail crosses this summit), run (there are yearly competitions of running up to the summit), drive (but the road is steep and hard on your car's brakes and transmission), take a train (there's a steam locomotive pulling up a single car along the world's second steepest railway) or a tour bus (or more precisely, a van). We opted for the last option as being the quickest as we had a long drive still ahead of us this day.
Mt. Washington is also known as "home of the worst weather in the world" and we had no trouble believing it, it was wet, cold and windy up there.

Here are the driving instructions from Mt Mansfield:
1. Take SR-108 back to Stowe
2. Turn left onto SR-100
3. Stay on SR-100 for 10.2 miles.
4. Turn right onto SR-15, keep going for 26.6 miles
5. Turn left onto US-2, follow the road for 58.4 miles
6. Turn right onto Pinkham B road.
7. Go 0.5 miles and keep right onto Pinkham Rd. The road is mostly unpaved and slow, so it may be faster to continue US-2 to SR-16.
8. Go 4 miles to SR-16, turn right to SR-16
9. Go 3.5 miles to Mt Washington Auto Road. The road starts from your right, the driving tours start from the left.

Views from the road

Views from the road

Views from the road

We exposed ourselves to world's worst weather for as short a time as we needed to take some photos and ran back inside..

Our tour van.

The building on the summit is fastened with chains as otherwise the wind would carry it away.

We had no trouble believing this one, either :-)

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