The French Highpoint

[Summit team: Targo, Katrin (separate climbs)]
We visited Mt. Marcy on September 6-7, 2004 and stayed in Lake Placid of US Olympic fame. We expected the the whole town to be horribly expensive but actually got a decent room for $45.
The trail itself isn't too hard; if you're used to the mileage and elevation gain then it is just another hike, there shouldn't be anything really difficult about it but the trail is somewhat rugged and often full of 2-3ft boulders that slow one down. The last mile is mostly on bedrock.

Here are the driving instructions from I-87:
1. Take NY exit 30 towards RT-73 / Keene
2. Follow  SR-73 for 26.5 miles.
3. Turn left onto Adirondack Loj Road.
4. Follow the road for 4.5 miles to the parking lot. There is a parking fee $9 per day, $4.50 if you arrive after noon.

On the trail

There's a ranger on the summit who explains people the importance of not stepping anywhere outside the trail.


Me on the summit (well, who else)

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