The Great Plains Highpoint

[Summit team: Targo, Katrin, Liisa, Toomas, Oliver]
We visited White Butte on April 25th, 2005. The weather was quite windy. Toomas walked all the way up and down, and Oliver lost his shoe.

Here are the driving instructions from I-90 West:
1. From I-90 take South Dakota exit 23 to SR-34.
2. After 17.5 miles keep right onto US-85.
3. Follow US-85 for about 143 miles to Amidon
4. From Main Street, Amidon, continue on US-85 for another 1.9 miles.
5. Turn right onto a gravel road, continue another 5 miles.
6. Turn right and continue 1.0 mile to the entrance of an abandoned farmhouse.
7. Turn left and park beyond the house.

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